At age nineteen I found myself in an unbreakable cycle of addiction to meth. After being hospitalized to many times for malnourishment, watching them draw black blood out of my body, I knew I either had to find help quickly or die. I crawled into my father’s office and told him I was an addict and he immediately contacted Pacific Hills and took me there within a matter of a few days. At first I rejected their program and let my withdrawals get the best of me, not paying much attention to what the counselors had to say. I tried to justify that meth addiction and alcoholism were not the same. I tried to read books during meetings, or draw. Eventually I gave in. I soon realized that addiction is addiction and I didn’t expect myself to drink like a normal person ever since I left from there. I met a lot of wonderful people and attended many inspiring meetings. The church that we attended, during my time there became my church even after I finished with the program.
I am 22 years old FREE of addiction and celebrating my first year wedding anniversary with the love of my life (who is also now FREE of addiction) .We have a beautiful 10 moth old baby boy. And I would just like to thank the people here for giving me the tools to overcome the strongholds of addiction. And I’d like to thank God for being present at this place.