All my life I have carried deep feelings of betrayal and shame as a result of abuse in my family. I turned to drugs and alcohol – anything to numb the pain. Later, my addiction took me to places I never wish to see again. I ended up drinking up to a half gallon of vodka a day along with 90 mg of Valium, 4 mg of Kolonopin and several other prescription medicines. After my fourth suicide attempt my friends left me—giving up on me for the final time. I was left alone never bathing, never eating, never sleeping. I dropped out of college never expecting to live to my 21st birthday….
This past year and a half I have been in 13 different treatment centers and hospitals. Finally, I attended Pacific Hills Treatment Center and, later, lived in sober living. Through the personal care my case manager and my therapist gave me, I was able to come out of depression – a depression I have been in for years. They showed me a type of love I had never felt before. While at Pacific Hills I accepted Christ into my life.
For the first time in my life I am experiencing happiness. It almost seems surreal. I now know I have different avenues rather than drugs and alcohol. I take one day at a time and now have 123 days of continuous sobriety. I am now trying to deal with [a serious illness], but I know that not even that would turn me towards the bottle.
I pray that you and your staff continue to help bring healing to people like you did for me. I came into treatment barely alive and I left an Olympian. I know that through God and with these new tools for living, I can accomplish all things. You gave me the best gift of all – You gave knowledge, you gave me strength, and you showed me my true Higher Power – Jesus Christ

Jen, a client