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Clinician’s Corner: The Warning Signs of Suicide

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Did you know that Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States? The most frequent mental health emergency is the threat of suicide, and although female attempt suicide more often than males, males are three times more likely to die from suicide. But perhaps most disconcerting is that most, but not all, persons who die from suicide have communicated their intent in advance, primarily to family or significant others. Learn the warning signs of a person who may be on the verge of taking their own life:

  • Talks about committing suicide
  • Has trouble eating or sleeping
  • Exhibits drastic changes in behavior
  • Withdrawals from friends or social activities
  • Loses interest in school, work, or hobbies
  • Prepares for death by writing a will and making final arrangements
  • Gives away prized possessions
  • Has attempted suicide before
  • Takes unnecessary risks
  • Has recently experienced serious losses
  • Seems preoccupied with death and dying
  • Loses interest in his or her personal appearance
  • Increases alcohol or drug use

If you suspect someone to be at risk, please seek professional help. Better to err on the side of caution, than to be right and not reach out for help.

God Bless.

Until next month, thanks for letting me share.

Dr. K