Online Addiction Treatment Options at Covenant Hills

Covenant Hills Treatment offers various options for individuals looking for addiction treatment though virtual and/or remote access. 

Why Online Addiction Treatment?

Similar to our IOP/Day Treatment options, the online addiction treatment options at Covenant Hills are designed to offer the complete CARF Accredited program, translated to a virtual environment.

A notable challenge inherent in online addiction treatment is it does not remove the patient from the potential negative influences of their existing environment. That can be a challenge for many, and pressure their treatment effectiveness.

That said, online treatment offers as much structure as possible while allowing you to stay in your home environment. You reinforce the learnings from residential care, receive support and encouragement and maintain the discipline and positive influences in your life while providing the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, jobs and other commitments.

online addiction treatment IOP and PHP

What Online Options Are Available at Covenant Hills?


All Group and Family Meetings

Using digital meeting software, Covenant Hills has made group options simple to access from a remote setting.

Online IOP/Day Treatment

With the accountability of regular meetings and interactive individual and group therapy sessions, our online IOP and PHP treatment options may be the right fit for your circumstance.

Proven Results
At Covenant Hills

Our residential treatment centers provide a comfortable, home-like living environment. Both living and treatment settings are gender-separate and gender-specific.

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