Most of us know that a key component to successful recovery is a sense of urgency for change.  Certainly this urgency can progress as people progress in their recovery program.  This is what we refer to this as Readiness.  Many of the calls we take are from family members and loved ones that are REALLY ready for their struggling loved one to embrace recovery but the struggling individual may or may not be there…yet.  As I talk with family members, we ask them where they think there loved one is on the Readiness Spectrum.  Here is how it works:

It goes from 1 to 10.  The number “1” represents the addict/alcoholic that says, “I don’t have a problem, it’s my parents/spouse/boss/judge/doctor that has the problem!”.  We don’t really have a place for this individual in our treatment center.  Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum is “10”.  This individual says, “hey, can you pack my bags for me while I wait in the car?  I don’t care where I go to get help but I need to go NOW”.  We do get quite a few 9’s and 10’s that walk through the door and they are just so happy to be there.  However, most people that come into treatment are closer to a 4, 5, or 6 on the Readiness Spectrum.  These are the folks that know that things are not right with their lives but are scared to death at the thought of life apart from the relationship they have with their addiction.  We love to love them towards wholeness.

We believe that our program nurtures the struggling addict up the readiness spectrum towards long-term recovery.  If your loved one is ready…please call today. If not, all you can do is seek help and support for YOURSELF. Al-Anon is a great place to start. Please do not hesitate to call our HELP/CRISIS LINE ANYTIME whether your loved one is ready or not.