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Over 23 years of successful, proven treatment at our San Antonio Campus in Boerne, Texas

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At Covenant Hills’ warm and expansive property in beautiful Boerne, Texas, just outside of San Antonio, our drug and alcohol addiction rehab program is designed to restore you. It truly is life-changing. We know the challenges you are facing are real and we offer one of the most recognized and experienced treatment leaders in the United States. Our team has one focus – to care for you from the moment you arrive.

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Covenant Hills Treatment Facility
Covenant Hills Treatment Facility
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Whole Person Care

We know that for you to fully recover, the entire “you” must receive care. We call this whole person care. Our program is designed not just to help you with your drug addiction, but with the core, underlying issues that are contributing to your struggles. The outcome we focus on is your complete recovery, restoring your strength, dignity, balance and happiness.

Your Treatment Program

For over 20 years, Covenant Hills has treated thousands utilizing its proven 12-Step program for drug addiction recovery. We also use complete medical evaluations, nutritionists, one-on-one and group counseling and therapy sessions to enhance your program.

Our program is faith-based, drawing upon Christian grace, principles and support. But there is no faith requirement to receiving outstanding, compassionate care at Covenant Hills. Anyone seeking to regain their life and happiness is welcome.

See What Our Clients Say About Their Recovery At Covenant Hills

Debbie P.
The unconditional love and dedication the staff extended to me, and the others, was truly more than I could have ever expected. I feel truly blessed to have been a part at the Covenant Hills recovery program! Thank you once again to you and your staff.
Debbie P.
Young Man lookin at camer
Thank you. I believe your willingness to help me has saved my family. Thank you for your vision of recovery for many. I was in really bad shape, headed to a very dark place. Now I am clean, happy, and excited about my future. Thank you for saving my life. I am eternally grateful.
Smiling young lady
Through all of your efforts, love and care, I have been able to take another try at life. I believe what makes Covenant Hills successful is that you all truly care about me. I cannot say thank you enough. Thank you!!

We Create A CustHappy Couple Outdoorsomized Program To Meet Your Specific Needs, Including Your Very Own Treatment Team Assembled Just For You

Your Treatment Program Includes

  • 12-Step Meetings for Drug Addition
  • Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Treatment of Dual Addictions
  • Gender-Separate Programs
  • Gender-Specific Counseling
  • Exercise Programs
  • Nutritious meals and Nutritional Coaching
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy & Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Relapse prevention (Gorski-model)
  • Psychological Testing
  • Brain Imaging (Amen Clinic)
  • Christian Principles & Values
  • Pastoral Counseling Aftercare at No Charge

Recover In a Calm, Serene and Beautiful Setting

At our San Antonia campus in Boerne, Texas, we offer separate, gender-specific, modern housing. We also provide you gender-specific treatment so you can focus on getting better. South Texas is blessed with temperate weather, warm breezes and a soothing environment. We offer this location especially for its compliment to your treatment and recovery program.

For over twenty-three years, thousands of people just like you or your loved one,  suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, have sought help at Covenant Hills. The open spaces and expansive environment is ideal to experience the complete recovery you deserve.

We care, and we are ready to help you regain your life.

 Make Your Change Today

We are here 24/7 to answer your call. Call now at (800) 662.2873 and you will speak with a treatment specialist who can answer all of your questions. You will also recived a free phone assessment to help you understand how a Covenant Hills program might be right for you.