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Christian Principles & Values

We provide ongoing care to individuals suffering from a physical, mental, and spiritual disease.

Our Philosophy - Christian Perspective

We acknowledge Scripture as our authoritative and complete guideline for the restoration of the whole person, as stated in Timothy 3:16-17. We realize that no part of a person is separate from the interactions of the other parts—the emotional affects the physical, the physical affects the emotional, and the spiritual is at the basis of all. This is consistent with Paul’s concern for the whole person, “body, soul, and spirit.” (I Thessalonians 5:23)

The 12 Steps as applied by Alcoholics Anonymous have been drawn from the heart of the scriptures. Our Christian 12-Step Program is an integration of these foundational truths as they relate to the chemically addicted and emotionally wounded person. The scriptures provide the guidelines used in our professional counseling and treatment process. Our professional staff consists of Christian men and women, including licensed and ordained pastors who themselves are in long-term recovery.

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