Freedom from addiction is available for you or your loved one

An addiction, regardless of the substance it revolves around, will carry you to an absolute pit of despair. How did this happen? How did you get here?

Of course, the journey to your rock bottom was paved with illusions, misconceptions and moments of pure elation. You now know that the mirage that kept you reaching and using was never real. Your darkest hour is upon you, and you feel lost and alone, and question your faith and your own worth.

Your addiction has drained the life out of you. Understandably, you live your days devoid of hope, and yet, you still look for that sliver of optimism – a force that will lead you to the life you were meant to live.

You Can Quit Your Addiction. You Can Achieve Life-Long Sobriety

More than the inevitable cravings and withdrawal symptoms, surrendering makes getting clean so hard to achieve.

But, ask any recovering addict about their journey to sobriety and they will more than likely tell you that you must let go and surrender to your addiction under the support and supervision of experienced, compassionate addiction experts. Only then will you safely and confidently start to transform into the person you were made to be.

Perhaps after all the mental, emotional and physical disarray you and your family have lived through because of your substance abuse, you think it’s impossible to make things right, get better and forge a thriving existence. You must know, however, that this could not be further from the truth.

You see, at the core of your addiction is only toxicity. Your addiction has fundamentally rewired your mind to make you believe that there’s no way out, that your spirit is broken and your faith won’t save you.

For most addicts brave enough to enter addiction recovery, faith is the one thing that has made all the difference.

Why 12-Step Drug Rehab?

The 12-step treatment program first came to life through Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, it is reviewed as one of the most effective and widely-used addiction treatment models.

The overall goals are to help recovering addicts admit they have a problem and are powerless over their addiction. From there, the steps seek to help recovering addicts recognize that a power greater than themselves can help them quit their addiction and live a clean, honest life.

Covenant Hills’ Christian 12-Step Treatment

Designed to do more than just help drug and alcohol addicts safely and successfully get clean, Covenant Hills delivers a non-denominational approach to addiction treatment that will help you dismantle your substance abuse while simultaneously growing faith in God.

Our 12-step recovery program helps individuals:

  • Turn control over to a higher power
  • Admit to the higher power, themselves, and another individual the wrongs done
  • Accept help from the higher power to correct any shortcomings in their character
  • Ask the higher power to remove those shortcomings
  • Make a list of wrongs done to others and be willing to make amends for those wrongs
  • Contact individuals who have been hurt, unless doing so would harm the individual
  • Continue to self-monitor thoughts, actions and beliefs and admit when one is wrong
  • Pursue understanding and connection with the higher power through prayer and meditation
  • Communicate the message of the 12-Steps to those in need

While the Christian 12-step treatment program is not easy and requires steadfast commitment, it will quickly evolve into some of the most meaningful and necessary work you can do in your life.

Because every aspect of our 12-step drug rehab program stems from Christian principles and is God-centered, choosing to enter one of our renowned Christian rehab programs will help you grow exponentially in your faith, empower you to work one-on-one with Christian mentors and – above all – lead you in restoring your relationship with God.

3 Ways Covenant Hills’ Christian 12-Step Recovery Program is Life-Changing

We integrate the foundational truths of Scripture and the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in our Christian 12-step treatment programs. Additionally, we fully utilize our experienced team of Christian counselors and pastors who are trained to combine Scripture with our highly-structured clinical program.

When you fully embrace the 12-step treatment program – where you wholeheartedly place all your energy into the process – extraordinary things begin to unfold:

1. You learn a new way of communication.
Whether you once had a deep or semblance of a relationship with God, a Christian 12-step recovery program will help you deepen your faith and bring you back to your roots. Through praying, listening and expressing, you will start to make room in your heart for God.

  • Praying helps you open your heart and start a conversation with God. Praying helps you reestablish your faith and trust in God.
  • Listening helps you slow down and pause throughout your day to be still and listen to what God is telling you.
  • Expressing helps you articulate your love for God, yourself and others. Expressing is an important factor in your overall recovery process, as it helps you grow as a whole person and release feelings and thoughts.

2. You glean a whole new perspective.
Alone, the process of addiction recovery is eye-opening and will make you reevaluate your life from the inside out. Coupled with scripture study and time to think about God’s words, a Christian 12-step treatment program will help you learn about God’s endless love and all that is abounding in your life.

A vital part of the recovery process, in preparation for your new sober life, is setting goals and remaining committed to your prosperous future. Reading and understanding the Bible, and constantly praying, listening and expressing, can turn your days around in unfathomable ways.

3. You discover the power of supportive, healthy fellowship.
Addiction recovery is never meant to be journeyed alone. Through pastoral counseling and therapy, talking with your mentors, doctors and support team, and getting to know the other recovering addicts in the Christian 12-step drug rehab program, you will build a supportive, relatable community.

Most importantly, when you step out of your comfort zone and seek the friendship of other recovering addicts, you will forge advantageous relationships that can lead to an increased motivation to achieve life-long sobriety.

Faith-Based 12-Step Addiction Treatment at Covenant Hills

With the right support and mentorship, you can get clean. You can stay clean. You can believe in your future again.

If you’re ready to get sober and live your best life yet, discover how Covenant Hills provides
non-judgmental, life-changing guidance and meet every recovering addict right where they’re at in their addiction and spiritual journey.

Learn about our gender-specific, faith-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment.