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United HealthCare Insurance for Addiction Treatment

At Covenant Hills, our mission is to get to the bottom of your addiction and help you become the healthy individual you were always meant to be. That’s why Covenant Hills has partnered with UnitedHealthcare to provide insurance coverage for those seeking to break free from addiction and recover their mind, body and soul.

Take a look at some of the most common questions about verifying your UnitedHealthcare insurance plan.

How Do I Find Out if my UnitedHealthcare Policy Includes Rehab Coverage?

The first thing you should do is confirm your coverage. You can either review the insurance policy details guide you received when you enrolled for insurance or you can go online to find out what your plan covers. You can also contact our team at Covenant Hills to verify your insurance coverage for you!

What if I Still Have Questions about My Insurance Plan?

If you’re confused about your insurance policy coverage or have questions, you can call UnitedHealthcare and a representative will be able to assist you.

How Much Will My UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plan Cover?

Every insurance policy is different, so what one person has to pay out of pocket with their UnitedHealthcare insurance plan will be different than what you’ll end up paying. Your UnitedHealthcare representative can help you get an idea of how much of the cost you might have to cover on your own, or you can contact us at Covenant Hills and we can work with UnitedHealthcare to get a quote for you.

How Long of a Stay in Rehab Will My Insurance Cover?

UnitedHealthcare will determine your length of coverage based on your “medical necessity” for addiction treatment. We will work with UnitedHealthcare to coordinate your treatment length and care.

What Should I Do if My Insurance Coverage is Denied?

There’s always a chance your insurance coverage could be denied, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get some level of rehab coverage. If you find yourself at this point, you can appeal by writing an appeals letter. Reach out to your UnitedHealthcare representative for help with this process.

Contact Us to Verify Your UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Call us today at 844-235-1020 to verify your UnitedHealthcare insurance policy and learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

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