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4 Things You Can Do To Help a Friend Who Is Addicted

group of friends outdoorsHow can you help a friend who is struggling with addiction? What role should you play in your friend’s life?

It may seem difficult to immerse yourself in your friend’s addiction recovery process, but it can be not just effective but important that you […]

Transitional Care at Covenant Hills Treatment

Group Of Friends Having Fun Together OutdoorsAt Covenant Hills, clients who have completed the residential inpatient program move to the next stage in the treatment process, transitional care. Transitional care at Covenant Hills is intended to support individuals as they begin integrating back into daily […]

5 Tips to Maintain Your Recovery in 2017

Happy Group Of PeopleWith a brand new year, you have been given a fresh start to make more strides on the path towards lifetime addiction recovery. You should be extremely proud of yourself for overcoming addiction and this should motivate you to continue with the healthy […]

The Role of Sleep in Drug Addiction Recovery

man sleepingMillions of Americans suffer from sleep problems on a daily basis. Heightened levels of stress and anxiety from social and environmental pressures can cause disturbances in normal sleep patterns and can make it difficult to complete life’s daily tasks. Sleep is intended to be a […]

Why Some People Become Addicted More Easily

Pretty young woman looking into the camera with her boyfriend out of focus in the background

Addiction is a disease that inhibits the mind, body, and soul from functioning in a normal and meaningful way. Some individuals become extremely mentally and physically dependent on drugs to cope […]

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