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Cocaine toxicity discovery opens new doors for research

This may come as surprise, but despite a history which extends thousands of years into the past when South American indigenous peoples would chew on the leaves of the Erythroxylon Coca for “strength and energy”, one could very easily deduce that there is little we actually know about the effects of the “rich mans” drug, […]

2016: a New Year and a New War

Will 2016 kick off the start of a new type of War on Drugs? Candidates in the upcoming elections seem to think so, with none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton leading the charge in an effort to curb what many representatives—and, indeed, organizations around the world—are calling an “epidemic.” They might not be far off: […]

Rising Awarness of Alcohol Use Disorder

To have a predisposition towards alcoholism doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll go through life running from a looming death sentence, or some kind of prescient threat that will always manage to find you. Indeed, many individuals live natural, healthy lives without ever having to face an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), the medical diagnosis for problem drinking […]

ADHD Medication Abuse Among Young People

A common trend when chasing the numbers of abuse with regards to prescription medication is to focus too closely on teens and students who are already in the midst of abuse. Oftentimes preventative efforts are wielded ineffectively because the abuse is early enough that negative consequences haven’t yet precipitated out of poor decision-making and residual […]

Treatment vs Prison

The recent pardon granted by the President of the United States to nine inmates interned at various of prison facilities once again brings to the spotlight the issue of harsh sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. Perusing a press release posted on the White House’ web page, a list of commutations reveals a hodge […]

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